Taking The Slobberhouse Tour?

Articles are categorized by the publication in which they appeared. Some of the publications have a complete list of pieces I ‘ve written, which can be found under the “More Work” section. Most of my work from New Zealand isn’t available online, so I’ve repackaged it here.  My page design PDFs can be downloaded by following the posts and links under the “Page Design” Category.

The Slobberhouse is also a cache for my columns; work that is unavailable online; and/or facing possible deletion. My columns and articles for New Zealand papers are compiled here under “The Monkey King Dances.” There’s no real excuse for the title besides the fact it’s a hat tip to George Plimpton.

I’ve also compiled the columns written from my days at the University of Arkansas’ student newspaper the Arkansas Traveler. Since the get-go, the column was called “A Confederacy of Students” and so shall it remain.

As for the originally unavailable work – mostly ad features and short news stories – I’ve retyped them from the hardcopy. It was very hard.


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