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Texas Monthly

A daily morning roundup of all the news that’s fit for Texas
If Three’s A CrowdThe other gubernatorial candidates not named Wendy Davis or Greg Abbott include a write-in on the weed and euthanasia plank; a libertarian who can’t no respect and a Green party candidate who is completely MIA
Greased Up At The Texas State FairA night with the company that recycles the thousands and thousands of gallons of oil used during the fair
Meet the King of the Breastaurant™ Empire — Doug Guller owns Bikinis, the ‘World’s Only Breastaurant’ chain. And if he has his way, soon he’ll own a lot more
Can Random Numbers Tell Us Something about the World’s Psychological State? — In his off hours, one Texas doctor attempts to prove that thought is a measurable thing


Do Better Laws Make Better Bouncers?Legislation designed to protect club-goers from bouncers doesn’t pack much of a punch Thank goodness
 The Big Business of Sexy Halloween CostumesChad Horstman, founder of Yandy, chases a very specific type of trend

Aeon magazine

Stealth stonerI got high, in various public places, using a portable vaporizer. The result wasn’t all gonzo fun. And neither will the so-called New Stoned Age of mainstream America

Oxford American

Getaway Blues: Hunting for Humans in South TexasActual bounty hunters aren’t like the kind you see on TV or in movies. A ridealong with real skiptracers as they go on a three-day capturing binge in Texas (available at newsstands everywhere)

Pacific Standard

I’d Like to Be Deported: A Day at Immigration CourtThis is what the deportation process looks like from inside a detention facility. No judge, no lawyers, and very little hope
Mystery Shopping for a Church — A growing number of churches are hiring marketing companies to employ “mystery worshippers.” Jeff Winkler spent a day grading a local church—and feeling guilty
An investigation into Isolation TanksIn which the writer dips into a sensory deprivation tank to experience  insights, a turbo-charged meditation session and a possible all-natural high

The New Republic

Gun-totting Carpetbaggers — Looking for Yankees who moved to Texas because of gun control
Was the New York Times’ Ethicist Unethical?Should the Times Magazine have confirmed that the husband of General Petraeus’ lover did NOT write an anonymous letter?

VICE magazine

On the WagonRiding Along at the National Chuckwagon Championships, Perhaps the Most American Event of All Time
The Things I Learned From Butt ChuggingTo fully understand the recent “trend” of alcohol enemas, I tried it myself

The Awl

My Sister, The Candidate: The Politics Of Small-Town CampaigningQ&A with my sister, a candidate for city clerk in our town of West Fork, Ark.
Incident Report, Or, The Time I Broke ItPersonal essay recounting a love, a loss, and the time I broke my penis whilst having sex

The Fix

All Aboard with Boat CopsSummer is party season on America’s waterways. It’s also when the nation’s boat cops practice a very different style of policing. The Fix rides along with the Austin Lake Patrol unit
How Cops Learn to Catch Drunk DriversSay the alphabet backwards. Hop on one foot. How do officers assess whether a driver is over the limit? The Fix visits the Austin Police Training Academy to find out
A DWI Offer You Can’t RefuseIn a growing number of states, a DWI stop can lead to a roadside needle in your arm—and an involuntary blood sample. The Fix rides along with the Austin PD on No Refusal night
Four More Beers The Prohibition Party, America’s longest-running third party, is still around after 140 years. Unfortunately, their political machine is small and their candidate is a gay-baiting preacher
The Breathalyzer Guy Speaks Out Interview with one of the many breathalyzer technicians who install and recalibrate Ignition Interlock Devices
Drying Out with Jesus — A look into evangelical Christian drug-and-alcohol rehabs

The Billfold

Games I’ve Played with MoneyRetrospective essay on all the ways I’ve manhandled currency through the years
The Economics of a Part-Time Drug DealerQ&A with a local marijuana entrepreneur
Drinking While Broke, Funded By Other Broke Drunks — A meditation on being a poor drunk

Austin Chronicle

The Talented Mr. IsaacScenes from an awkward interview with the star of the Coen Brothers’ ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’
There Will Be Food Austin’s film catering gurus learn how to make do in a changing industry. Spoiler alert: The answer is never pizza
The Revolution Will Be Printed in 3-DPreview for SXSW Interactive’s panels on 3D printing making, including the hype surrounded the emerging industry … and 3D printable guns

Slate magazine

Emailing SantaAn ill-fated attempt to correspond with Santa via his email address; end up talking to the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy instead
No Joke The case for taking the Donald Trump campaign seriously

The Guardian (Comment is Free opinion pieces)

Can you take your assault weapons into Chipotle but keep your self-respect?The Texas group who brought guns into a Chipotle should be ashamed. No self-respecting Texan should eat that stuff
The viral ‘Princeton privileged kid’ is idiotic, but not for being conservativeTal Fortgang’s essay on white privilege made me grimace in recognition. His left-wing critics, though, made me shudder
Fox News: real winner of the GOP debateThe revelation of the GOP debate was none of the candidates, but a brilliant performance from the network liberals love to hate
Michelle Obama deserved a grilling on her burger choiceThe mainstream media was attacked for highlighting Michelle Obama’s Shake Shack visit, but they were right
The Eternal Appeal of Conspiracy TheoryBarely had Obama ‘birtherism’ been laid to rest than the Osama ‘deather’ narrative was born. Is it part of the American psyche?

GOOD magazine

Dealbreaker: I Couldn’t Handle Her Food IssuesIn the Dealbreakers series, exes report on the habit, belief, or boxer brief that ended the affair

Washington City Paper

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